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Open Lab Multimedia Center

In order to set the demonstration base of technology application and innovative experiment, National Central Library specially constructed the Open Lab Multimedia Center which creates a cross-domain cooperation space field that establishes a platform for learning, creation and communication.

  • Combining library reading and collection elements, new concepts of technology, exploration, experience and interaction are introduced.
  • Construct a high-quality interactive learning environment for learning, exploring, experiencing, creating and sharing.
  • Endow and innovate its service connotation, and create an open, cross-domain, digital, young and creative OPEN LAB.
Service Features
Long opening hours:
Tuesday to Saturday 9:00-21:00. Sunday 9:00-17:00. Closed on Mondays and public holidays.
Wide range of service objects:
Suitable for users over 6 years old. Provide users of all ages with reading creation’s discussions, creative thinking space and provide related equipment.
Adolescent Services:
Strengthen cross-domain cooperation, including junior, high schools, research institutes, etc., as a sharing space for teen adult to exchange and storm their creations.
Diverse service spaces:
Provide individual, group’s, parent-child’s, experiential, communicative and exhibition areas.
Various creative devices:
Provide DIY hand-made (sewing, light woodworking, thermal transfer), 3D printers, illustration software hardware, recording, video and other related equipment.
Extensive study courses:
Plan workshops on handcraft, digital design, media creation, etc. The professionals are invited to provide consulting services.