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Instructions for Reader Pass Application


Those over 6 years old can apply for the Card of the Open Lab Multimedia Center of NCL (hereinafter referred to as the Center) in person with any of the following valid documents.

  1. National Identification Card, Household Certificate, Disability Card, Household Certificate Transcript within 3 months, or Taiwan (R.O.C) Driver’s License.
  2. Passport or valid identification documents issued either by Taiwan (R.O.C) Government or by his/her country’s Embassy Officer.


Application Time

Apply for Open Lab Card no later than 30 minutes before closing time.


Replacement or Re-issuance

  1. The original Open Lab Card and valid identification documents are required for the replacement of the card. No extra charge.
  2. The Open Lab Card can be reissued if it is lost, but administrative fees will be charged; the same shall apply to re-application after cancellation. The original Open Lab Card will become invalid after re-issuance.
  3. Users can also bring their own EasyCards to apply for a new card, replacement, and re-issuance. No extra charge for re-issuance with EasyCards.


Data Update or Loss Report

  1. If there is any change to the personal information of the card holder, the person shall bring the preceding valid documents to the center to make corrections, so as to protect the rights of the user.
  2. When the Open Lab Card is lost, the card holder should report the loss to the center immediately. If there is any fraudulent use due to failure to report the loss, the card holder shall bear the relevant responsibilities.
  3. The validity period of the Open Lab Card is 5 years. If the validity period has expired, the card holder can bring the original Open Lab Card and his/her identification documents to apply for renewal and update personal information. The validity period of the Open Lab Card for foreigners is determined by the date of expiry of their Resident Certificate, and the card can be renewed if the Resident Certificate has been extended.