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Instructions for Use of Space and Facilities

The use of spaces and facilities at the center shall be registered in advance.


How to Apply

  1. Online reservation: Online reservation is open 7 days before use.
  2. On-site registration

A. The seats in the language learning area, individual and group audiovisual area are registered on-site. If no others register for the next time slot ten minutes before the end of your use time, you can apply for a renewal, or apply for another seat.

B. If there is no reservation on the day, on-site registration can be accepted. The use time will be until the end of the time slot.

  1. Either online reservation or on-site registration is not allowed for exchange or transfer.


Application Rules

  1. A maximum of 4 time slots can be selected for the same space within 7 days per Open Lab Card. A maximum of 2 time slots can be selected per day. Only one space or facility can be reserved for the same time slot.
  2. The Group Audiovisual Carrels, Interstellar Live Studio, Music Studio, ΣRehearsal Room, and Group Discussion Room can be applied for when the minimum number of user is reached.
  3. The Family Live Broadcast Room is only available for children under the age of 12 and their caregivers to apply for and use together.


Use Time and Notice

  1. Each time slot is 3 hours. The right of use is regarded waived if the user fails to check in within 15 minutes from the start of the time period.
  2. After users check in and before they leave after use, they should check and count the equipment based on the instructions of each space and facility.
  3. Due to safety considerations for the use of facilities and equipment, please follow the age recommendations for each space. Before using the equipment, the user should be familiar with the safety requirements of the operation to avoid the occurrence of hazards.
  4. Users are responsible for the failure to make or process their works by borrowing and using the facilities and equipment.
  5. The electrical loads of the equipment and facilities of the center are all configured according to the safety capacity. It is forbidden to change the position of the sockets of machinery and equipment by yourself, so as to avoid damage to machinery and equipment due to overload or causing fire.
  6. If the user is held accountable for theft, damage, and defacement of the facilities and equipment, the center is entitled to suspend the user’s right of use for one year. Users will be asked to compensate the price for repair or pay twice the fixed price for the damaged facilities or equipment.


Materials Charges

The machines, facilities and equipment provided by the center are free to use while the consumables provided by the center are chargeable. The charges for the consumables are as follows:

  1. 3D printers: NT$1 per minute, and the first 60 minutes are free.
  2. Heat transfer paper: A4 is charged at NT$10 per sheet, A3 NT$15 per sheet.
  3. Heat press materials: T-shirt NT$100 each; mug NT$50 each
  4. Laser cutting materials: wood (30*45 cm) is charged at NT$80 per piece; Acrylics(30*45 cm) NT$100 per piece.
  5. Inkjet printers: A1 inkjet paper (594*841mm) is charged at NT$200 per sheet, and A2 inkjet paper (420*594mm) is charged at NT$100 per sheet.
  6. Those who use 3D printers must check the consumables by themselves before use. If the finished work is damaged due to insufficient or broken consumables, the center will not be liable for compensation, and the consumables will still be charged.
  7. The above fees are paid in cash.